Apartments in Kolkata Available @ Throwaway Prices

Eden Imperial is a luxury residential complexG + 8 stories in the most affluent neighbourhood of Kolkata, Ballygunge.

A few words about Kolkata: Kolkata is a wonderful place to live in. It is not for any mean reason that Kolkata is said to be a ‘City of joy’. The history of Kolkata goes back to many centuries. At present Kolkata is the capital of the state of West Bengal, India. About 4.5 million residents reside in Kolkata according to a study made in 2011. Kolkata is the third largest metropolitan city in the country of India. There is increasing demand of the real estate and properties in the city of Kolkata. Though there is space crunch in the city we see an increasing number of high-rises sprouting up near and about the metropolitan city.

Kolkata has been the hub of commercial and financial transactions since the ancient ages and so the metropolitan city has emerged as a major centre of business in the eastern region of India. The city is home to many renowned persons who have adopted this city as their own. Moreover, the city beckons most people who would love to dapple in arts and soak in the culture of the city. Kolkata is very rich in terms of art crafts and literature. Moreover there are many architectural interests in the city.

Recently, there have been many actions towards the aim of setting up of an Apartment owner association which will look into the matter of property management. Only through an association will it be made possible for the owners to have a say on the matter of their own property and share the benefits available to them. It has been suggested that the Apartment Owners Association inKolkata be formed under West Bengal Apartment Act in 1972.  It has been held that all the benefits of having an Apartments Owners Association will be shared by the residents.


Come to us at Eden Group for the best deals:  We, at Eden Group are a real estate company know the importance that you will attach to your home. Our company has earmarked plots of lands for constructing flats in and about Kolkata. With us you will find apartments in Kolkata at a very cheap rate. Our recent projects include flats for sale in Kolkata in the areas of Tollygunge, Ballygunge, and on the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass one kilometer from the Shahid Khudiram Metro. All our housing ventures are placed strategically in prime locations so that all our apartments are accessible by metros and roadways.  The Kolkata homes will be built near schools that the kids will attend, and the shopping malls and complexes are within walking distance. But the x factor of all our apartments in Kolkata are that they are placed amidst the green foliage and gardens and children’s parks accompany each complex. What with facilities like banquet halls, home theatres, and gymnasium the residents don’t even need to step out of their homes. We, at Eden Group provide a high quality luxury living at affordable rates.

Our projects are aimed at the families who fall under the category of middle income groups. The families will be easily able to afford the flats priced lowly at fifteen to thirty lakhs.

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