Wonderful Facts About The Rating System For Green Buildings – A 3-Tier Process

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If you are wondering what green buildings are, let me tell you what green buildings are in this article. Well, green buildings use the natural resources efficiently as building materials and use eco-friendly ways. These buildings must have advanced technologies that can sense the human body temperature and adjust the room temperature accordingly, thus, saving energy. Using LED & CFL lights can help in saving energy, and must be installed in the green buildings. Air based flushing system can help avoid the use of water, thus conserving the natural resource.

Why Are Green Building Concepts More Fruitful?

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The green building concept is a very unique & eco-friendly concept that can help save energy and can efficiently use the natural resources, thus initiating green ways for living-

  • The green building concept also means for a healthier living concept, and following are the main features of a green building-
  • Smart & power-saving lighting system
  • Better ventilation
  • Better means of water saving
  • Designed in such a way to let the sunlight in
  • Energy saving systems installed everywhere
  • Air based flushing system that saves water

Three Tier Rating System For Eco-Friendly Homes

Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment or GRIHA

GRIHA, or Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment is developed in India by TERI & ministry of New and renewable energy from government of India. Under this rating system, there are 34 criteria of evolution that carries total 100 points. These criteria are-

  • Water Conservation
  • Energy Efficiency including energy embodied & construction and renewable energy
  • Site Planning including conservation and efficient utilization of resources, health and wellbeing during building planning and construction stage
  • Environment for good health and wellbeing
  • Energy Efficiency including energy embodied & construction and renewable energy

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design India or LEED

The rating system LEED is an internationally recognized building certification system that provides 3rd party verification for using green strategies like saving energy, water conservation, reduction of carbon-dioxide emission, improved ventilation,etc.

Bureau of Energy Efficiency or BEE

BEE or Bureau of Energy Efficiency rates green buildings in 1 to 5 scales. More the star a building gets, more the energy-efficient the building is. BEE has developed the measurement of energy conservation as EPI or Energy Performance Index. The rating system targets every AC and non-AC buildings and rates them based on kilo watt hours per sq. meter.

These three tier rating systems are designed to make the earth greener by reducing the wastage of energy & non-renewable resources. However, India knows the concept of green buildings and it has mud houses that are well-ventilated and energy efficient structures that are cooler during summers and warmer during winters. The advanced technologies have aided us with many items of luxury, but on the other hand, they are not eco-friendly. It is now high time to think about getting greener options for building homes, so go and book a flat in one of the green buildings near you!

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