Diwali shopping in Real Estate Sector: Offers and freebies suggestion

In India it’s a common phenomenon to buy property during festive season. Diwali is a big festival in Kolkata, India. Real estate property buyers take pleasure in signing the papers during this festive time. It’s an investment that is being cherished by the buyers. Big construction companies in Kolkata capitalize on this huge opportunity to improve their customer base. To increase sell, construction companies come up with a range of Diwali offers for their customers. They work on different plans to make customers book their flats very quickly. This diwali will not be an exception as well as property developers will also try to add more customers to the list. In this Diwali property developers are trying to recover on the slackness over the preceding months as far as the residential flats are concerned.
Now the main question is whether these freebies make real sense to the property investors? In fact irrespective of these offers investors have to look at the real value of the property in which they want to invest. Investors and buyers have to look at the actual value considering all the relevant associated factors rather than only focusing at the freebies. No amount of freebies can compensate on low quality construction materials, bad location of the projects, old elevation style and over price. Buyers of real estate in Kolkata have to make sure that the property they are buying is good for long run. An overpriced property can’t do justice to the hard earned money of the customers, even though the property developer offers a car with the particular flat.
Buyers can actually look for some value for money incentives such as discounts on down payment, stamp duty waiver, low clubhouse membership charges, discounts on smart home features etc. There’s no point getting incentives in form of cars, vacations etc.

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