Is it the Right Time for the Property Investors to Invest in Kolkata?

The real estate market in the city is driven by the search of the buyers of getting the perfect home. This is a known fact that we all are worried about the economic meltdown and downside movement of realty market. Even though the real estate market is worried about this fact, but people are actually looking for owning their perfect home. The same scenario is visible in Kolkata as well. Seeing this scenario, a number of real estate developers are moving away from low cost investments.  Many of them are going for land purchase beyond the periphery of the city of joy, Kolkata. Previously it was not the case as people used to think twice before buying a property at the outskirts. However, this is not the case anymore. People have different commuting options for moving to suburbs from the mail business central of the city. Transportation and communication have become lot better in last few years. There are different modes of transportation options available from one particular place to another in the city.

As far as communication is concerned, Kolkata has surpassed all other metro cities of the country. The improved facilities and communication of the city have paved the way for the real estate developers to go to even remote places which are not very close to the heart of the city. This is the reason why reputed real estate developers are taking decision to construct flats in suburbs and these places are not very far away and can be accessed easily from the prominent zones of the main city. Comparatively low land costs and improved communication facilities have helped many more builders to come up in suburban with their projects. This is a great time to invest in real estate property in Kolkata not only because the economic meltdown and low property prices, but because as an option investment is very safe. Real estate market never goes down, especially in a metro city like Kolkata. Kolkata construction companies, hence, have come up with innovative selling proposition. In some cases they have copied the selling structure from the developers of Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore. Different kinds of offers include free mid-size cars to first few buyers who book the flats, module kitchens to the buyers who win them by lottery and free air conditioners. According to a trend, it’s seen that most of the people who buy flats in Kolkata these days are NRI or want to reside in a better place as compared to the place where they are staying at. As a result of these things, flats with modern facilities, amenities, good locations, nice designs are selling and are getting steady flow of interested customers.

Based on the above stated reasons, you can book a flat in Kolkata if you don’t have any specific city in mind or investment instincts or any special sentiments. These reasons have made sure that the new flat buyers get ample opportunities to resale their flats in future for getting better investment results. Real estate developers in Kolkata have many more plans and deals for potential customers. Pre- Puja offers, Diwali offers and other project specific lucrative offers attract many investors from various parts of the country and different cities of the overseas countries.


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