Why Should Infrastructure Development Be Environment-Friendly?


There are many large scaled residential projects that have been stalled for the environmental concerns in India. Though these projects are known to be following the eco-friendly ways as per the instructions of government, many a times, a gap is seen between the policies and its implementation.

The residential projects seem to miss the point when they act against environment. With the growth of population, growth of residential apartments too happen, especially when the city is expanding and urbanization is taking place in rapidity. Development never conflicts with environment, then why most of the developments today do not take environment friendly measures during construction?

India is a developing country and most of the projects are aimed towards the development of the country. But the government has also framed policies keeping in mind the protection and preservation of the nature. “Presently, infrastructure development and housing are one of the main thrust areas of the government and therefore, such projects are in line with these policies. Most projects are undertaken, only after detailed research is done on various parameters like financial viability, location, connectivity, convenience, etc. We believe that such projects are not undertaken with the intention to destroy nature but keeping in mind the overall development of the country,” says a renowned real estate company of India.

Sustainable development in urban areas is very important, especially when one aims to live healthy and breathe in fresh air, away from the pollutants. Most of the housing projects, therefore, are installing solar panels for electricity and keeping more than 50% of open space within the complex. An eco-friendly or green project can make human lives better, moreover, a green initiative can improve our lifestyle and make earth a better place to live in.

Energy efficiency and sustainable strategies can be helpful in minimizing the adverse effects of industrialization and pollution. We are living in a world where environment friendly measures should be strictly taken as the lack of it might make living on this earth unsafe.

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